National LGBTQ Task Force

Winter Party Festival 2024 Customer FAQ

How will my purchase appear on my credit card statement?

Winter Party ticket/pass purchases will appear on your credit card statement as “THE TASK FORCE“.  Winter Party Festival is a fundraiser produced by, and in support of, the National LGBTQ Task Force. The Task Force and Winter Party are one and the same. Please do not dispute these charges or your tickets/passes will be voided.

How do I get my tickets and passes?

There are two ways you can gain entry to a Winter Party event, either with an individual event ticket, or a multi-event pass.

  • INDIVIDUAL EVENT TICKETS: To maximize convenience for our guests, Winter Party Festival provides print-at-home or text to mobile event tickets through our ticketing partner Showclix. When purchasing individual event tickets online, your tickets will be e-mailed to you so that you can print at home, or texted to your mobile device so that you can bring them with you to the venues to be scanned at the door. There will be no Will Call for individual ticket purchasers; you MUST present your ticket at the door (printed or mobile) to gain admission to the event.
  • MULTI-EVENT PASSES: Winter Party Festival uses barcoded wristbands for our multi-event passes. Online Pass purchasers will receive an email voucher and receipt, which should be printed and brought to the Welcome Center to exchange for a wristband. Wristbands are worn throughout the festival and cannot be removed or shared. You cannot use the email voucher for admission to events. Passes can only be purchased online.

What should I do when I receive my wristband?

Slip the loose wristband over your right wrist. Hold onto the ends of the wristband fabric and slide the closure toward your wrist to tighten the wristband. Do NOT over-tighten the wristband. We recommend leaving one index finger of space between your wrist and the wristband for comfort and security. The closure slides one-way and cannot be loosened once the wristband is fitted to your wrist. Treat your wristband like cash. It will not be replaced if lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. Your wristband is VOID if tampered with or removed. Each wristband is good for entrance by one person and is non-transferable. Once you put it on, DO NOT REMOVE or attempt to loosen your wristband! The wristbands are waterproof and can be worn in the shower, pool, or ocean. Do not subject your wristband to any heat, cutting, excessive twisting, pulling, and stretching or customization. Lost wristbands will NOT be replaced, so be sure to put it on tight! Do NOT remove your wristband between days, or stretch or tamper with your wristband in any way. If your wristband appears to be tampered with, you will not be allowed entry. Subsequent and/or multiple presentations of a counterfeit wristband are VOID and will be confiscated by security. If your wristband is removed by Festival security/event staff for any reason, it WILL NOT be replaced.

I arrive after the Welcome Center closes, how do I get my Pass for the dance party that evening?

We realize that some of our out-of-town guests may arrive in Miami Beach after the Welcome Center closes. Pass purchasers can still gain admission to that night’s dance event. When you arrive at the venue, just go to Will Call where your name will be on the list. You will need to show identification to receive admission to the event, and you will need to go to the Welcome Center the next day to pick up your pass.  Since using your pass is a much quicker entry into the venue, we encourage you to pick up your pass at the Welcome Center prior to the event if at all possible. REMINDER: there will be no Will Call for individual ticket purchasers at each event. You MUST bring your ticket (printed or mobile version) with you for admission to the event.

Do you offer coupons or discounts available for tickets or passes?

We do not offer coupons or discount codes. Our early-bird and advance discount prices are available for a limited time or until quantities sell out. We recommend purchasing your tickets or passes sooner rather than later as prices will increase closer to the festival.

Does my VIP ticket include open bar?

A VIP ticket includes complimentary beverages with unique benefits at each event:

  • At Heat (Friday night), a VIP ticket includes complimentary select cocktails from 9pm to 1am, but any other drink including soda/mixers, bottled water, or energy/sports drinks will carry an extra charge.
  • At both Masterbeat events (Saturday and Sunday nights), a VIP ticket includes complimentary select cocktails from 10pm to 2am, but any other drink including soda/mixers, bottled water, or energy/sports drinks will carry an extra charge.
  • At Under One Sun, VIP includes complimentary select cocktails as well as water, sodas and mixers from noon to 4pm.
  • At the Beach Party, a VIP ticket includes a full open bar. This includes cocktails, soda/mixers, bottled water, energy/sports drinks at no additional charge for the entire event.

I have a GA ticket, can I upgrade to VIP?

Ticket upgrades can be purchased at the entrance to the event, while supplies last. Upon arrival at the event, check at the cashier table for the status of upgrades.

Refund Policy

Winter Party Festival is a fundraiser benefiting the National LGBTQ Task Force and many local LGBTQ organizations. Unfortunately, no refunds will be issued – no exceptions. We understand that situations arise, but we are unable to issue refunds. Tickets and passes can be gifted or sold to friends or others at your discretion.

Can I transfer my Pass to someone else?

Yes. If you find you cannot attend and want to transfer your pass to someone else, please forward your original confirmation receipt to along with the name and email address of the person to whom you’re transferring your pass. The system will be updated with their name and contact information. To pick up the Pass, they must come to the Welcome Center with proper ID. Transfer requests must be received by Tuesday February 26th, 2024.

Can I purchase a ticket or pass from a third party or vendor?

We strongly suggest you do not buy tickets or passes from an unauthorized third party vendor or individual that you do not know. Buy at your own risk. Bad actors sometimes try to sell fraudulent tickets, passes or otherwise scam people looking to purchase tickets. Please be careful and do not get ripped off. For pass transfers, please see pass transfer instructions in the FAQ.

I lost my Pass, can it be replaced?

Lost passes (wristbands) cannot be replaced; if available, you may be able to purchase a replacement or individual tickets to any remaining events.

Can someone else pick up my Pass?

For an alternate person to pick up your order, the person picking up must provide a copy of the original purchasers ID, a copy (front and back) of the original purchaser’s credit card, a copy of the original purchaser’s receipt, and a note authorizing the alternate person to pick up the order, with nothing blacked out on any of those copies. This alternate pick up requirement is part of our standard policy to prevent fraudulent pickups.

Are there any rooms still available at the host hotel? 

Yes, rooms are still available at the Royal Palm South Beach, but availability is limited! Contact Delmay and Partners, our hotel partner, at to stay in the heart of South Beach and in the center of all the action. By staying at our host hotel, you’ll be conveniently situated just steps away from the Beach Party and several other Winter Party events.

Is there going to be a pool party this year?

We are excited to bring you the Elevate Pool Party on Friday afternoon. We welcome our guests to enjoy a new experience at the Royal Palm South Beach pool! The Elevate event is included in VIP passes and individual tickets may be purchased online.

Will you offer bag / coat check at any events?

With the exception of the Beach Party*, there will not be bag / coat check service at any event. Club security will not allow large bags through the door at any nighttime event; please do not bring large bags to the club or you could be denied entry.

*Bag / coat check service will be available for Cabana Club ticket holders. All other guests are invited to reserve a mobile locker which will be available at the entrance of the Beach Party and includes in-and-out privileges.

How can I have my photo removed from your website, social media pages, or advertisements?

Winter Party has photographers and videographers at nearly every event. By purchasing a ticket and attending a Winter Party event, you consent to be photographed, filmed, or otherwise recorded. Your purchase and entry constitutes your consent for the Festival to use such imagery for any media, marketing, or promotional purposes. Winter Party Festival retains all rights to the photo and video content we capture during our events. To speak with a Festival representative regarding a specific image or ad, please contact

Do you need photographers/videographers?

Winter Party Festival is a volunteer-driven organization. We are always on the lookout for individuals who would like to contribute their time and talents to the success of the Festival. For questions regarding photography, contact

How do I become a vendor / exhibitor at Winter Party?

Winter Party Festival offers  vendor / exhibitor opportunities at several events, although space is limited and fills up quickly, and we are fully booked for 2023.Please email for inquiries regarding vendor / exhibitor opportunities, and to get on the wait list for next year.

How can I become a sponsor?

Winter Party Festival is made possible with the generous support of our sponsors and partners. Most sponsorships are signed at least 2-3 months prior to the Festival. We cannot always accommodate last-minute sponsorship requests, but we’ll do our best. To learn more about the benefits of supporting Winter Party and the variety of customized sponsorship packages we offer, contact

How do I become a DJ at Winter Party?

Please email your information to to be considered for our lineup. Please note that talent is booked many months in advance and there are numerous partners and stakeholders we consider when picking our lineup.

How do I become a dancer at Winter Party?

Dancers are auditioned approximately 4-6 weeks before the Festival. For more information about dancing opportunities, please contact

Where do I find pictures from Winter Party Festival?

Pictures from the Festival will begin appearing on our Facebook page in the weeks following Winter Party. To check out photos from past years, visit

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact or call 305-571-1924 for further assistance.